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How to Download Python and Instal for Windows, MacOS, Linux

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Python programming language was created by Guido Van Rossum and introduced since 1991. In general, Python functions to develop websites, software, scripting systems, and mathematics. Python programming language is one that is easy to understand and learn even for beginners. Its language structure is not too complicated compared to other programming languages, making it a popular programming language. Writing the code used to give a command in the program is also not too long, so developers will focus more on making the program.

Besides being used to develop programs, Python is widely used for data science purposes. Why? Python has many packages and libraries that make this activity easy. Its use is also quite easy just by calling the library first before writing the next code. As a beginner, you can try learning Python to do simple analysis using mini datasets. Before learning it, of course you need to download and install Python first. How to? Well, in this article, we will discuss how to download and install Python on various operating systems. Come on, see below!

How to Download Python and Instal On Windows, MacOS, Linux

How to Download Python

If you don't have a previous Python installation file, you will need to download it. The Python installation file can be downloaded from the official website at There are two versions of Python available on the website, namely Python 2 and Python 3. What's the difference? Python version 2 is a well-known and widely used version, while Python version 3 is a continuation of Python version 2. Python 3 is more advanced because it has many new features and bug fixes. The security system in Python 3 is also better. The difference in writing code is for example the print function in Python 2 is written as print "Hello World!" whereas in Python 3 added parentheses to print("Hello World!"). How to download Python is as follows.

  1. Open in a browser
  2. Select Download button
  3. Choose according to the operating system you are using such as Windows, Linux or Mac
  4. Click the link on the desired Python version
  5. Automatically the file will be downloaded

How to Instal Python In PC

1. Windows

Windows is an operating system released by Microsoft. With a user-friendly interface makes Windows the most popular for computer or laptop users. For Windows users, here's how to install Python which was downloaded earlier:

  1. Open the install file that has been downloaded from the official Python website by double clicking
  2. Select 'Install for all users' so that it can be used by all users on a computer or laptop
  3. Configure Python to be recognized by the operating system with the Add Python 3.7 to PATH checklist or the version you have installed
  4. Click Install Now
  5. If the installation is successful, the words "Setup was Successful" will appear

 Next we can test Python by running the command prompt (CMD) and writing python to enter Python mode. We can also run Python using the Python Shell by searching in Search on Windows. Right click then run as administrator in Python Shell.

2. MacOS

MacOS is a graphical interface operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. Users of Apple devices using MacOS can also install Python, as follows:

  1. Download the desired or latest Python version on Mac
  2. On the Python install file right click and select Open
  3. Click Continue at the next stage starting from Introduction to Installation Type
  4. Enter the computer user password if prompted at the Installation stage
  5. If the installation is successful it will appear "Installation was successful"
  6. Test Python using the same command prompt (CMD) as Windows

    3. Linux

Linux is an operating system that adheres to the UNIX system which is open source. Linux may not be as popular as Windows where the percentage of users is also small, which is only 1.5%. Linux is a strong and stable OS and rarely gets problems such as viruses, malware, slow processes, and so on. We can install Python on Linux in the following way:

  1. Download the development package needed to build Python
  2. Download the latest Python installation file on the official website and there will be a .tar.xz(“tarball”) file containing the Python source code
  3. If a dialog box appears, select Save
  4. Double click on the file that has been successfully downloaded
  5. Extract filesConfigure the script and run it in the terminal i.e 
    • $ cd Python-3.*
    • ./configure
  6. Wait until the installation is complete
  7. Check by writing python3-version in Linux terminal
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