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How to Download Java (JDK) for Windows

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Java is a programming language that is quite popular today. Many large companies use this programming to handle the systems they are developing.

This programming language was first released in 1995, created by James Gosling while still joining Sun Microsystems which is currently part of Oracle.

The most prominent advantage of Java is that it can be run on various computer operating systems. With this advantage you only need to write a java program once and the results can be run on any operating system without making any changes.

Apart from the fairly general functionality of Java, another reason why you should install Java is that it is a popular and widely used programming language.

The more popular the programming language you understand, the more big companies will want to hire you to work for that company.

Besides that, technically Java is also sometimes a system that you have to install before you install the main application to learn other things such as Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Report, Oracle Forms and others.

How to Download Java (JDK) for Windows

How to Download Java

To install Java, you just need to download the JDK which you can get for free through the official website. Here is a tutorial that you can follow to download the JDK.

  1. Do a search with the keyword 'JDK Latest Version' in google search
  2. Visit the download site from the official website
  3. Then click 'JDK Download' to download the JDK
  4. Select the appropriate JDK for your operating system.
  5. Wait for the download process until the JDK Installer appears in your folder

How to Install Java

To carry out the Java installation process, make sure you have downloaded the JDK first like the tutorial above. You can follow these steps to perform the Java installation process.

  1. Click open on the JDK that you have installed, then click Next
  2. If you want to change the installation directory, you can change it on the 'Change' button, then click Next
  3. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  4. Click 'Close' to close the installation process

How to Setting Java Path on Windows

The next step after you have successfully performed the Java installation process is to do the Setting Path on your computer. Here are the steps you can follow to set the Java path on Windows.

  1. Find CMD in the search menu on your windows then 'Run as administrator'
  2. Write 'javac' or 'java' in the CMD. If the result is as below, then setting the Java path has not been done on your computer.
  3. Open the directory of the java that you have installed. If you didn't change the directory at the time of installing Java, it will be 'C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-14.0.1\bin'
  4. Search for 'Edit system Environment variables' in the menu search in Windows
  5. Click 'Environment Variables'
  6. Click 'Edit' in the System Variables section
  7. Then click New, and paste the path that you copied in step 3, then click 'OK'
  8. Click 'OK'.
  9. Write 'javac' in CMD, it will look like this if the path setting process is correct
  10. Write 'java' in CMD, it will look like this if the path setting process is correct

Now you have successfully installed the Java Development Kit application on the Windows operating system. This is an article that explains how to install the JDK on Windows along with its configuration. Hopefully this article can provide you with insight and can be useful for you. With the help of the JDK you can be creative in creating programs in the Java programming language.

Because the JDK software has available a variety of library programs that you can use for free and can help you develop Java programming. Like making applications based on Android and so on.

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