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How to Download iTunes for Windows

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iTunes is a free application for Mac and PC. This Apple-made software can also be used to play all digital music and videos. Syncs content to iPod, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV.

Apple first released iTunes in 2001 to help iPod owners manipulate their music collections. As the iPod evolved to support video and other capabilities, it became the primary software that allowed you to transfer music and other media to your computer and iPod.

Visiting Music on the web provides a similar experience to the music app on the Mac, with tabs for you. Explore, and the radios arranged in the sidebar are highly interactive. The option to open the Music App appears as a link at the bottom of the column. With “Open in music” in Safari and “Open in iTunes” in other browsers like in Google Chrome.

Finding a list of your favorite songs from a collection of hundreds of millions of songs does sound difficult. When setting the settings, you will be asked to choose your favorite singer and type of music. From this data, iTunes Apple Music will try to suggest songs that match your taste. To make finding the right music even easier, Apple Music relies on the Beats feature, an integrated playlist with Connect.

How to Download iTunes for Windows

With an Internet connection, the program connects all media to your computer. You can buy and download mp3 songs, music videos, TV shows, movies and other digital products with just a few clicks. This convenience is the reason that Apple has made a huge contribution to the company's profits.

One of the interesting advantages of iTunes is its ability to create Smart Playlists. iTunes is an application primarily used for managing music and video documentation. Through the iTunes application, we can play both music and videos online. Apart from playing music and videos online, iTunes also allows users to download music and videos for offline playback.

In addition, iTunes also provides easy setup through cross-platform support that allows users to install iTunes applications on well-synchronized gadgets and computers. As one of the favorite music and video applications, iTunes provides a very rich collection of music and videos. In addition, through iTunes users get a feature to play music or videos to other devices such as HDTVs and music players.

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iTunes Features

iTunes as one of the applications dropped by Apple is one application that is in great demand by users, especially for listening to music and watching videos. iTunes offers several advantages such as a rich music and video collection, ease of customization, and ease of exchanging music and video data.

In terms of music and video collections, iTunes is quite complete. In the iTunes library there are more than 400 million complete favorite songs for various types of genres. With the complete feature of this music library, users will feel comfortable when using iTunes to listen to music.

By using the latest version of iTunes, users don't have to worry about missing the latest music because iTunes provides the latest songs feature which certainly won't make users miss the latest music.

Besides music, of course, the next interesting feature of iTunes is its ability to play videos. Through this feature, users can enjoy videos and movies online. If the fear will run out of data package users are also given the option to download videos or movies to watch. Through this video feature, it is certain that users will not miss a new film that will be released soon.

Another interesting feature of this iTunes application is its ease of customization. The new iTunes application is designed to improve the user experience in enjoying music and videos.

Through the sharing feature in the application, users can enjoy music and videos via a music player or HDTV. Enjoying music and videos together becomes an experience that was never imagined before with the convenience that iTunes offers.

  1. Organize your music into playlists
  2. Edit file information
  3. Radam-nail CD/DVD easily
  4. Copy files to iPod or other digital audio player
  5. Buy mp3s and videos on the Internet through the Apple store
  6. Run the visualizer to display the music graphic effect
  7. Encode music into several different audio formats.

Download iTunes for Windows

To download iTunes specifically for Windows, either 64bit or 32 bit, you can get it in 2 ways, namely the official website or the Microsoft Store. As for downloading via the windows store the way is.

  1. Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows laptop.
  2. Type the keyword "iTunes".
  3. Click install.
  4. Wait until the installation is complete.

You can also get the iTunes application specifically for windows through the official Apple website. The way to get it is.

  1. Open a browser.
  2. Type in a google search the keyword "iTunes for Windows.
  3. Click the website from
  4. Scroll down and look for the download link.
  5. Select the file according to the Windows type and bit.
  6. Wait until the download process is complete.
  7. When finished, just open it and follow the installation instructions.
  8. Done

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